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If you hear a Hot Dog Singing…

Posted in Writing Posts on May 28, 2014 by alexraetyler

If you hear a Hot Dog singing is the story of Arin and Bobby and their initial first meetings. They form a friendship but something holds them both back. This story is meant to be humorous, heart warming and touching and is my latest story, now available on and many others. You can get a link to it here so have a read and browse it and hopefully, buy it!

I am always curious as to the response a story gets, both my own and others. How do people feel about the characters, is there enough development, do they take the plot in an obvious or unobvious direction, do they end it well, do they create enough mystery in the right places and such. Any of those questions could be one which any reader could address to me in comments and let me know how they felt about it. Constructive criticism is always welcome!


Promoting other authors

Posted in Writing Posts on May 20, 2014 by alexraetyler

Many people don’t like to promote the work of others if it takes away from their own spotlight. However, I would like to offer the following link as a way of reading a new author who self-published her first works on 17th May 2014. She is highly talented and I would respectfully ask you to check out the link and buy the e-Book for your Kindle reader if you feel so inclined.

The link is

Promoting websites

Posted in Writing Posts on October 26, 2012 by alexraetyler

I like telling people about great sites I find. I have had the pleasure of following this site on Twitter for a while as well as on Facebook. The site is dedicated to winning equality rights for LGBT Oregonians and needs a little publicising to get it out there to the people. I know of so many straight people who are in support of their LGBT family, friends and acquaintences and there seems to be no real reason why this equality cannot be achieved.

We have seen so many cases in history where the minorities are trodden down by the majorities. It follows that the only real reasoning behind this mentality of ‘anti’ this and that is fear and misunderstanding. When Rosa Parks made a stand back in the 1950’s it changed black history forever. When Martin Luther King stood for black freedom, he changed history forever. When Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after 27 years he changed history forever. Now, with the support of Barack Obama we have the chance to make ourselves heard and change history forever.

True, there will always been racists out there and true there will always been homophobes out there, but really what problem do we cause them? None. We are human, we pay taxes, we eat, we smoke, we drink, we need love just the way straight people do. Our shit stinks just the way straight people’s does! What the hell is their problem? I can only think it must be fear of having their cosy little lives ruined by brash and outspoken lesbians and gays who was to ramble into their world and turn it upside down. Oh, wake up and smell the coffe people! It’s not going to affect your life if the two guys who live next door to you and enjoy gardening happen to sleep in the same bed. It’s not going to destroy your existance if the two ladies who live across from you walk their dog holding hands together and it’s not going to harm your children if their best friend has two mommies or two daddies. Get a grip! Get over your insecurity and just stand up for the rights of humans, all humans.

My ‘friends’ at Gay Marriage Oregon are not fighting for an unworthy cause, they are fighting for the freedom that should be afforded to every single US citizen under the law. Give them your support.

Murder in an Air Raid Shelter

Posted in Writing Posts on October 18, 2012 by alexraetyler

I would like to promote this story because it’s based on truth. Back in 1945 an 8 year old girl was having lunch with her 17 year old uncle.  After they finished lunch, she was supposed to go to her Gran’s house and he went off to work. The next day, her mother sent the girl’s 10 year old brother to fetch her from Gran’s house but when he got there the Gran’s face became very pale. He had no idea what was going on but it transpired that the girl had not reached Gran’s house after all. A search was begun to find her and then her disappearance was reported to the police.  Some time in the afternoon the uncle, who had joined the search found her body in an air raid shelter not far from their homes.

Soon after, the 17 year old uncle was arrested for her abduction and murder and sent to trial. What happened was a tragic travesty of justice and the court records and police files remain closed to this day.

Have a read and send your feedback. The link is here

Finally Got My Act Together

Posted in Writing Posts on October 11, 2012 by alexraetyler

So I finally finished my latest story. Yes it was a bit of a struggle because for some reason my brain doesn’t do back dating very well. I had trouble with the family tree side of the story and kept getting the branches confused. Weird, I know, considering they were all characters I had created but that’s my weird brain for you……

The Hotel Arcane is a kind of twist on time travel where the protagonist accidentally stumbles on the hotel while passing through on a road trip. Tired and hungry she enters the hotel for the night in the hope of a hot bath and a relaxing sleep but what she finds there completely transforms her life and makes her question her history and her reality. Dusty is the main character and her road trip from Oregon to Maine was initiated by finding some alleged distance relatives on a social network site. The happy accident leads her and Sandy, a cousin, to journey back to the hotel to uncover a mysterious plot dating back to the 1920’s.

Anyway, the story is now live and available on Kindle and you can read an excerpt before buying. Hopefully you will find it interesting enough to purchase and I would certainly appreciate any feedback from it or any of my other stories.

The link to The Hotel Arcane is here

You can also check out the rest of my stories at My Kindle Store

I hope you enjoy them and come back here to let me know your thoughts.

Growling quietly to myself…

Posted in Writing Posts on September 27, 2012 by alexraetyler

This latest story of mine has been driving me to distraction. I am starting to wonder if I should even have begun it. It is complex and has taken a direction that I had not planned on. It was instinct really, so I just carried on following through to see where it went. It led me to a really neat conclusion but the complexity of trying to figure out the family tree of all the characters had my brain in a twist. I always seem to get confused, working backward through family lines. Maybe that’s why I never bothered showing interest in my own family tree. I only know as far back as my grandparents and I never really fancied following it up. Sure, I would like to know if I originate from any famous scientists or something but on the other hand it doesn’t pain me not to know.

This story is such a good idea and yet I worry that I am not doing it proper justice. Made me wonder if I shouldn’t have let my girlfriend write it. She mentioned that she would have taken it in a different direction but she hasn’t said yet what that direction it would be because she hadn’t read my first draft at that point. I am curious where she would have gone with it though.

Still, I have started it now and it’s in draft mode and I have been tweaking it to the point where I am 85% happy with it. It still needs more I think but I will keep tweaking until I am ready to take my chances on Amazon and see where it goes……

My Latest Story is Finished in Draft Mode

Posted in Writing Posts on September 22, 2012 by alexraetyler

I have to admit I did struggle during parts of the first draft of this latest story. It was the complexity of the plot that kind of got me confused. I had to work out a few creases and I think there are still more. It is currently waiting for my girlfriend/editor to give it the QA and check it for everything including flow, pace, spelling, grammar, consistency (or inconsistencies, knowing me lol) and anything else she feels needs tweaking, changing, removing, adding or whatever.

She is excellent with that sort of stuff and she has no idea how she has helped me to improve the quality of my writing over the last year or so. She is a far better writer than I am (sure I have said that before in another post) and I always look to her for that sort of support. She has a way of bringing a story to life the way I seem to struggle doing and she injects soul into stories. She’s pretty amazing really.

Anyway, this latest plot is a kind of twist on time travel which I have never actually seen or read in a story before in this fashion. Not saying it’s a totally original idea because technically time travel has been worn out. At least I hope I have put a different edge on this story and it is worth a read for you. Feedback and comments are always welcome and remember to be kind, even if you are critiquing. We all start somewhere…..