Promoting websites

I like telling people about great sites I find. I have had the pleasure of following this site on Twitter for a while as well as on Facebook. The site is dedicated to winning equality rights for LGBT Oregonians and needs a little publicising to get it out there to the people. I know of so many straight people who are in support of their LGBT family, friends and acquaintences and there seems to be no real reason why this equality cannot be achieved.

We have seen so many cases in history where the minorities are trodden down by the majorities. It follows that the only real reasoning behind this mentality of ‘anti’ this and that is fear and misunderstanding. When Rosa Parks made a stand back in the 1950’s it changed black history forever. When Martin Luther King stood for black freedom, he changed history forever. When Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after 27 years he changed history forever. Now, with the support of Barack Obama we have the chance to make ourselves heard and change history forever.

True, there will always been racists out there and true there will always been homophobes out there, but really what problem do we cause them? None. We are human, we pay taxes, we eat, we smoke, we drink, we need love just the way straight people do. Our shit stinks just the way straight people’s does! What the hell is their problem? I can only think it must be fear of having their cosy little lives ruined by brash and outspoken lesbians and gays who was to ramble into their world and turn it upside down. Oh, wake up and smell the coffe people! It’s not going to affect your life if the two guys who live next door to you and enjoy gardening happen to sleep in the same bed. It’s not going to destroy your existance if the two ladies who live across from you walk their dog holding hands together and it’s not going to harm your children if their best friend has two mommies or two daddies. Get a grip! Get over your insecurity and just stand up for the rights of humans, all humans.

My ‘friends’ at Gay Marriage Oregon are not fighting for an unworthy cause, they are fighting for the freedom that should be afforded to every single US citizen under the law. Give them your support.


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  1. gaymarriageoregon Says:

    Thank you for this post. 🙂

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