Murder in an Air Raid Shelter

I would like to promote this story because it’s based on truth. Back in 1945 an 8 year old girl was having lunch with her 17 year old uncle.  After they finished lunch, she was supposed to go to her Gran’s house and he went off to work. The next day, her mother sent the girl’s 10 year old brother to fetch her from Gran’s house but when he got there the Gran’s face became very pale. He had no idea what was going on but it transpired that the girl had not reached Gran’s house after all. A search was begun to find her and then her disappearance was reported to the police.  Some time in the afternoon the uncle, who had joined the search found her body in an air raid shelter not far from their homes.

Soon after, the 17 year old uncle was arrested for her abduction and murder and sent to trial. What happened was a tragic travesty of justice and the court records and police files remain closed to this day.

Have a read and send your feedback. The link is here


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