Finally Got My Act Together

So I finally finished my latest story. Yes it was a bit of a struggle because for some reason my brain doesn’t do back dating very well. I had trouble with the family tree side of the story and kept getting the branches confused. Weird, I know, considering they were all characters I had created but that’s my weird brain for you……

The Hotel Arcane is a kind of twist on time travel where the protagonist accidentally stumbles on the hotel while passing through on a road trip. Tired and hungry she enters the hotel for the night in the hope of a hot bath and a relaxing sleep but what she finds there completely transforms her life and makes her question her history and her reality. Dusty is the main character and her road trip from Oregon to Maine was initiated by finding some alleged distance relatives on a social network site. The happy accident leads her and Sandy, a cousin, to journey back to the hotel to uncover a mysterious plot dating back to the 1920’s.

Anyway, the story is now live and available on Kindle and you can read an excerpt before buying. Hopefully you will find it interesting enough to purchase and I would certainly appreciate any feedback from it or any of my other stories.

The link to The Hotel Arcane is here

You can also check out the rest of my stories at My Kindle Store

I hope you enjoy them and come back here to let me know your thoughts.


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