Growling quietly to myself…

This latest story of mine has been driving me to distraction. I am starting to wonder if I should even have begun it. It is complex and has taken a direction that I had not planned on. It was instinct really, so I just carried on following through to see where it went. It led me to a really neat conclusion but the complexity of trying to figure out the family tree of all the characters had my brain in a twist. I always seem to get confused, working backward through family lines. Maybe that’s why I never bothered showing interest in my own family tree. I only know as far back as my grandparents and I never really fancied following it up. Sure, I would like to know if I originate from any famous scientists or something but on the other hand it doesn’t pain me not to know.

This story is such a good idea and yet I worry that I am not doing it proper justice. Made me wonder if I shouldn’t have let my girlfriend write it. She mentioned that she would have taken it in a different direction but she hasn’t said yet what that direction it would be because she hadn’t read my first draft at that point. I am curious where she would have gone with it though.

Still, I have started it now and it’s in draft mode and I have been tweaking it to the point where I am 85% happy with it. It still needs more I think but I will keep tweaking until I am ready to take my chances on Amazon and see where it goes……


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