My Latest Story is Finished in Draft Mode

I have to admit I did struggle during parts of the first draft of this latest story. It was the complexity of the plot that kind of got me confused. I had to work out a few creases and I think there are still more. It is currently waiting for my girlfriend/editor to give it the QA and check it for everything including flow, pace, spelling, grammar, consistency (or inconsistencies, knowing me lol) and anything else she feels needs tweaking, changing, removing, adding or whatever.

She is excellent with that sort of stuff and she has no idea how she has helped me to improve the quality of my writing over the last year or so. She is a far better writer than I am (sure I have said that before in another post) and I always look to her for that sort of support. She has a way of bringing a story to life the way I seem to struggle doing and she injects soul into stories. She’s pretty amazing really.

Anyway, this latest plot is a kind of twist on time travel which I have never actually seen or read in a story before in this fashion. Not saying it’s a totally original idea because technically time travel has been worn out. At least I hope I have put a different edge on this story and it is worth a read for you. Feedback and comments are always welcome and remember to be kind, even if you are critiquing. We all start somewhere…..


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